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InfoSec, Data Protection and PCI Consultancy — Private Tuition in Maths and Physics

About Phyonis Limited

Phyonis Limited is owned by Philip D Morton who is the Director of the company.

Phyonis Limited provides services in two separate areas:

  • consultancy services in: information and cyber security, cyber risk, data protection and payment card security. Make Enquiry.
  • personal tuition for students aged 13 to 19 in: mathematics, physics, business studies and computer science. Contact Philip.

Personal tuition resources are available for purchase and download here.

For InfoSec resources and a selection of photographs, please visit the Phyonis Shop

Please Note: Resources are only available from this website to people located in the United Kingdom. For international visitors: please see my Times Educational Supplement (TES) shop here for some of my teaching / tuition resources.


InfoSec Blog articles cover all things to do with Information Security.

Phyonis Blog articles cover broader subjects, including tuition and travel.


A lighthouse represents a welcome reference point on firm ground, by which unknown or unfamiliar waters may be navigated with confidence. A lighthouse also provides a strong guiding light, illuminating the way ahead with grace and truth.

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