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InfoSec, Data Protection and PCI Consultancy — Private Tuition in Maths and Physics

More About Phyonis

Phyonis Limited is the creation of Philip D Morton.
After several years working as a management consultant in cybersecurity, Philip joined an international aviation business where he worked for eleven and a half years as Information Security Manager, before leaving to start his own company: Phyonis Limited.

Phyonis Limited provides services in two separate areas:

  • consultancy services in: information and cyber security, cyber risk and data protection.
  • personal tuition for students aged 13 to 19 in: mathematics, physics, business studies and computer science.

Personal tuition resources are available for purchase and download here.

For InfoSec resources and a selection of photographs, please visit the Phyonis Shop

(Please Note: resources are only available to people located in the United Kingdom).


InfoSec Blog articles cover all things to do with Information Security.

Phyonis Blog articles cover broader subjects, including tuition and travel.


“The inspiration for my company’s name came from the idea of expanding into new areas of business. Whist I searched for words associated with exploring new ground, I came across an interesting foreign word meaning “to pioneer”. Phyonis – pronounced: “Phee-on-is”, is based loosely upon that word.”

“In creating a company logo, I wanted a design which would characterise my work and represent my values.”


    Philip D Morton, October 2018

Phyonis is a Registered Trademark.

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