Phyonis Limited

InfoSec, Data Protection and PCI Consultancy — Private Tuition in Maths and Physics

Information and Cyber Security

Services include:

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) – Fulfilling the role of a CISO, providing leadership and direction in all aspects of information and cyber security.

Security Risk Assessments – Reviewing organisational risk appetite and reviewing business systems and processes for robustness against cyber attacks and cyber risk exposure.

Security Review – Performing a review of all aspects of enterprise information and cyber security. Assessing the organisational position against best practice and relevant security standards (e.g. ISO 27001, NIS Directive, PCI DSS). Identifying non-compliant gaps and weaknesses.

Security Policies and Standards – Reviewing and updating existing security policies and standards or formulating and establishing initial security policies and standards.

Security Procedures – Reviewing and updating existing security procedures and designing and implementing needed security procedures.

Security Guides and Awareness Training – Designing and implementing security guides and security awareness training.

Incident Management Support – Providing resource and advice in times of need.

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