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Target Practicing

It may look easy, but in reality, archery is a very challenging sport. There are so many “moving parts”: the bow, the bow string, your fingers, arms, shoulders, eyes, torso and legs, and of course, the arrow itself. If you don’t wear the proper protective gear or don’t hold the bow correctly in your hand, or if you pull back the bow string incorrectly with your fingers, you could injure yourself badly when the time comes to let your arrow fly. Hitting the target at all is challenging for the beginner and even the experienced archer can find that piercing the bullseye is tricky from time to time.

The answer, it would seem, is common to acquiring any skill worth having – practice, more practice and even more practice!

This is especially true when it comes to gaining the necessary mental fluency and written agility in the demanding subjects of mathematics and physics.


There is no getting away from it, when it comes to those all-important tests, students who have practiced with many example questions will rise to the occasion with confidence. They will experience less feelings of “panic” than those who thought practice wasn’t needed and they would be “alright on the night”. Sadly, many a student finds out the hard way that “failing to practice” means the student is actually “practicing to fail”.


Getting hold of practice questions can however be a challenge and finding accompanying, fully documented solutions can be even harder. Solutions which provide “one word” or “one number” answers without showing the working of how the answer was obtained can be extremely frustrating for students. On the other hand, owning copies of fully worked-out solutions, as you would see them written out in answer to test questions, provides the resourceful student with a treasure-trove of examples which he or she can work through and which they can raid during times of revision.


Here at Phyonis Limited, such treasured resources are available for purchase. Sets of questions together with their fully documented solutions in both mathematics (including further mathematics) and physics have been created. These questions and their solutions have been developed for students undertaking: Key Stage 3, GCSE and A Level (Years 1 and 2) studies. This is a growing resource, as further sets of questions and their solutions may be added from time to time.


You can find these tuition resources here.


Wise students will make it their aim to practice as many questions as possible throughout their studies. It is our hope that you will do likewise and by so doing hit your desired target!

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