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Who Needs a Private Tutor?

It is true, not every student needs a private tutor. If a student is already 100% confident in their work, knows the complete breadth of their chosen subject’s syllabus inside-out and receives full marks for every question they attempt, then they can “take it easy” and relax with the knowledge that any forthcoming exams will be a breeze – no problem!


Such students do exist and usually go on to achieve great things academically. They are, unfortunately, quite a “rare breed” amongst the universe of pupils today.

The vast majority of students, however, are not in this league and tend to “suffer in silence” as they struggle with the more challenging aspects of their work. As a lack of understanding of the subject matter increases, so does the temptation to “give up hope” of ever achieving solid results, let alone reaching a place where a life-long love of a subject is kindled.


This is where the input of a private tutor can be invaluable. Mathematics and Physics are two of the most demanding and brain-stretching subjects on earth and very few students who study them at GCSE, go on to study them further at Advanced Level, let alone at University. This is a great pity, for these two subjects can provide a solid basis for a very wide range of professional jobs

and can be the source of a life-long love-affair with all things scientific, if carefully and skilfully encouraged.


As a private tutor, I give dedicated time to my students. I grow their confidence by showing them, sometimes step-by-tiny-step, how to use their knowledge and skills to solve problems and answer questions. I am always patient. I focus on what is needed and provide a wider context for deeper appreciation and application of the subject. I gently and gracefully challenge and correct misunderstandings when they arise. Above all, I seek to inspire a life-long interest in the subjects which I myself, have loved for over half a century.


If you would like an initial discussion about my tuition services and how I can help, please get in contact here.

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